It’s All About Timing…

11 Jan 2019

One of the first questions we are asked when first discussing a new project is “when can we move in?” or “how long will it take?”. Generally, we say it can take about 6-8 weeks on site for a standard office fitout and 4-6weeks prior for design, documentation and approvals.

We try and work to our client’s needs and take into consideration the project scope – what is the location and the size of the project, are there any specific requirements or details, when does the client need to move in by or when can we first gain access to the site?

Once our quotation has been approved, we provide our clients with a detailed project timeline which shows the start and finish date of each construction phase.

Where possible we try to start our design, documentation and approvals phase prior to gaining site access, this helps speed up the process for our clients which makes the most of any rent free period they may have been given. This works well when Benchmark’s services have been engaged at the right time on a project – please see our recent blog post on “Looking For A New Tenancy” to see why it is vital to engage a builder as soon as you start looking for a new tenancy.

Occasionally if the building owner is in agreeance we may be able to carry works out prior to gaining site access and this can sometimes work to everyone’s advantage. For example, a recent client engaged us while the building was in construction and we were able to set out the drainage points prior to the developer pouring the slab on a new build, this meant great structural integrity of the slab and no need to drill core holes in the slab after interrupting the tenants operating a business below.

There are critical points in time throughout each project and we work with all parties involved to handover a project in a timeframe that suits our clients and their budget.